Saturday, January 9, 2010


My boyfriend just tried to explain football to me *insert glazed over eyes here*.

I have never been into team sports and I think that means there is something fundamentally wrong with me. Team work is an integral part of our society. People are always being encouraged to work together, rely on each other and take one for the team. I think these principals in our society are glorified in team sports. We bring working together to such a high level that people who can do it well on a sports field become godlike to us.

All throughout public school I was forced to play team sports... I hated it. I loathed the fact that I had to trust and rely on people who would never follow through! You see, I kind of like winning, I don't take failure well and forcing me to play team sports with classmates that weren't skilled or motivated really destroyed my ability to trust people. Every gym period, my class was divided up, peers were turned against each other for an hour of "play". Friends placed on opposite teams became enemies, divided by the urge to win! Of course I was always placed on the team with the least motivated, the most awkward and the most often stoned. Which equaled an embarrassing losing streak for my public school sports career. With the increasing losing streak, my trust in other people began to decrease... gym class taught me that if you want shit done you've got to do it yourself!

Team sports ruined my faith in other people and drove me into the arms of individual sports, like swimming and archery, where the only person you have to blame for failure is yourself. I was a swimmer for years, focused, reliant on my own abilities... never letting anyone help me. This eventually started to reflect in my relationships. I couldn't play team sports, so I couldn't have successful relationships either! Having to trust someone was just to much pressure for me. I only felt safe when I was trusting myself.

That all stopped when I met my boyfriend, whose gallant attempt to explain football to me was met with arched eyebrows and condescending pats. He was open and upfront with me from the beginning, proving to me that he could be a good teammate in this game of life.

If you have trust issues, like myself, I suggest you dig back in your memory to public school gym class days. Remember what it was like to pass the ball to a peer hoping that you could trust them to not fuck it up and ruin the whole play? Remember what it was like when they, of course, did fuck it up and the opposite team got to gloat for the rest of the day? Yeah, those were good times *rolls eyes*... blame public school team sports. It's what I do!

P.S. Football, although it was explained to me as a simple game, still seems silly. Thanks for trying Scott, I love you.


  1. haha then there is certainly something fundamentally wrong with me. (not that i didn`t already know that lol). i like. couldn`t even get through this post because it was ABOUT team sports and football

  2. Lol awwww come on Elizabeth! I don't walk out in the middle of one of your songs. Don't walk out in the middle of my blog posts :'(

  3. haha but do you like music? if you didnt' like one of my songs, i wouldn't want you to continue to torture yoruself...i would respect your choice to walk out. :)