Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He Threatened to Stab Me! In the Heart!

I am no stranger to danger. Living in Rexdale, one of the most dangerous areas of the city, for four years gave me lots of experience in the danger department. I've heard gun fire out side my window. Seen dead bodies (two of them to be precise) on the side of the road. And... people have threatened to kill me (in a movie theater because my roommate asked if they could be quite. She even said please!). Today, however, is the first time anyone has ever uttered a death threat at me in the work place.

Let me elaborate...

I was sitting at my desk answering emails, like I do everyday, when our regular courier came to pick up a package, like he does almost everyday. Things seemed to be normal, until the courier swore under his breath. "You mother fucker," he muttered. I looked up from my screen blinking. This courier had been an odd ball in the past, he often talked to himself, and I never knew if he was referring his mutterings to me or some unseen voice in his head. This had been the first time he had cursed, so I took notice. "I'm going to stab you... in the heart!" He said and then looked up at me a la Dramatic Hamster (reference Youtube). I didn't quite know how to respond to this threat, so I did the first thing that came to mind... I waved. Not a big "I'm flagging down this taxi or die trying" type of wave, but a small "hello there, I'm the Queen" kind of wave. It had the desired effect because he stormed out of the room WITHOUT stabbing me in the heart.

Amanda: one point. Courier: zero. I thought I was in the clear. WRONG! One minute later he came back! The coworker who had sent the package was with me when he re-entered the office and told us that there was no room number on the address label. He didn't threaten me a single time.

My life was threatened today because there was a missing piece of information on a mailing label. My existence hung in the balance over a package that wasn't even mine!

Think about this story the next time you send a piece of mail. Is all the necessary information on the label? Better make sure it is... or someone's life could be put in jeopardy!


  1. Oh, Toronto..and most big cities....fullll of crazies. I think crazies are actually scarier to me than a gang or something to that effect. Mostly because they are so unpredictable! I know that I am a horrible person and that they probably need help or something, but I don't see how them being on the loose has any benefit to me. I find it an utter shame that there are so many of them and that so many care facilties were shut down in Toronto...letting many of the under-cared for ones go free onto the streets. I wonder how many crazies are in less/underdeveloped countries. I wonder if it's some sort of toxins in the environmentr, or just increased drug usage.

    I think couriers tend to be a little off their rocker though. When I worked at Ivision, we often had the weirdest people delivering stuff. They either talk a lot about random things or they barely talk at all. In my experience, it's also always a bad idea to let them use the washroom.

    The least I can say is that they work...a varied amount dependant on the person... for the money. Better than those lazy homeless people/drug addicts who don't bother to get any work...or even worse..those lazy people with homes..ahem!.who don't bother to get work.

  2. Yikes and you would think someone like that wouldn't be able to keep a stable job...

  3. Hey now Lisa... my dad was a courier for a while! Do you think he's crazy? Hahah never mind :P of course he's crazy.

    I also started to wonder myself, how this particular courier has kept his job AND if he acts this way when he's in other offices... or is it just mine?