Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is It Just Me Or Is Hollywood Trying To Tell Us Something?

I just got home from watching the movie Legion, and I must say, I'm a little bit concerned. This is the second movie I've seen in the last couple weeks with a definite biblical message, one that details human destruction and an angry god. *stage whisper* I think Hollywood is trying to tell us something.

What? I can only guess at, but I'm sure it's not good!

The first movie I saw, intrigued me. The Book of Eli is about a post apocalyptic world where religion doesn't really exist. The story focuses on a man on a journey to deliver the last remaining bible on earth to a place where it will be safe. Why? Because people are after it of course! In a world without religion, a little bit of something that once was, becomes a very powerful thing... the book of god becomes a weapon of mind control. It was an interesting story, but it made me think about all the religious undertones. This movie was REALLY pushing the importance of the bible and it made me a tad uncomfortable.

The next movie I saw, which was just moments ago, was about a world in the midst of the apocalypse (are we sensing a pattern here? A lot of world ending is going on!) but instead of being intriguing, it was just down right silly! The movie spins a tale about an angel who defies god by trying to save a baby who will one day lead the people and stop the end of the world... it was kind of like Terminator, but with angels instead of robots.

In movie number one the end of the world is caused by humans driven crazy by god and in movie number two the end is brought on by a god driven crazy by humans. I have the distinct feeling that Hollywood has some sort of god-phone and they know that something's coming and they're trying to prepare us... laugh if you must, but don't blame me when angels with spiked hammers come knocking at your door trying to kill everyone! *sigh* Ok maybe, I'm reading too much into this. Maybe Hollywood isn't predicting the end of the world by god's hand, but there are subliminal religious messages that are being relayed to us. Both movies put emphasis on being good people, forgiving each other and prayer. All things I learned in Sunday school. They also showed that judgement and damnation come quickly to those that don't follow the rules. All things I learned from my mother.

I have nothing against religion, but I do have a problem with extremes. Everything in moderation... especially things that can influence you and take advantage of common sense, for example: alcohol and religion. Both these movie show extremes of religion in action and an absence of religion, which is what makes me so uncomfortable... both scenarios have nothing good to offer.

My suggestion to Hollywood is to make a movie about people. Just people. And to leave god out of it! When they can do that then they'll REALLY be trying to tell us something, and I might just be prepared to listen.

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