Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boys Who Flirt

Like everyone, I find it flattering when boys flirt with me, but at the same time I find it really funny. Random guys come on to me and I have to try very hard to stifle the giggles. Maybe it's the way they go about it, or maybe it's because I'm already taken and watching them try without knowing that they're getting nowhere (to me) is comical, I'm inclined to think it's the former.

There's a delivery guy that works for my office's printer. He comes in several times a day to drop off or pick up printed materials that we use at events. At least once a day he tries to find an excuse to come and speak to me, but always in the most clumsy fashion. A, dare I say, more confident and suave guy would just talk to me without having an excuse. My desk is at the front of the office so I'm inclined to speak with everyone who enters. But poor clumsy delivery guy doesn't think like that, instead he has to invent scenarios in which to speak to me. This I find both cute and comical.

This past week he got really creative with his reasons to approach me. Early in the week he delivered some boxes in the morning, soon after he returned, but empty handed. "I think I left my phone here," he told me as he walked into the office. "Have you seen it?" I told him I hadn't but he was more then welcome to look for it. He looked a little disappointed that I didn't offer to help, but he still went on with the ruse and stepped into the back to find his "missing" phone. Less then a minute later he was back and then tried to start up another conversation about the relief of finding his phone. I answered with a nod and when he saw that's all he would get from me he left. The next day he came back, this time he approached me with "have you seen my cell phone case? I think I left it here yesterday when I came looking for my phone." I didn't want to say "what kind of idiot loses their cell phone case while looking for their already lost phone?" so I just said I hadn't seen it. Again, he went in the back and quickly returned babbling about how he'd found it. I answered by smiling at him and went back to my work. Yesterday, instead of the "I've lost something" game he'd been playing he actually tried to join a conversation I was already having. I was discussing a movie with a coworker when delivery guy came in toting boxes of brochures. As he passed us and heard what we were talking about he awkwardly interjected "oh yeah, I just saw that." My coworker and I stopped and stared at him... he was waiting for us to respond to him and we were wondering why he had interrupted us. He then tried to go on about what he thought of the movie, when my coworker, who is brash in a most endearing way, in turn interrupted him with "SO, anyway..." Delivery guy was shut out and had to move on.

I find it endearing that he keeps trying and I'm waiting for the time when he actually gets bold enough to ask me out and I can gently tell him that I have a boyfriend already. He seems like a sweet enough guy, but his method is lacking.

Speaking of method, last week I had a guy who lives in my building start flirting with me while waiting for the elevator. He had method, or as my boyfriend says "game", but unfortunately he picked the wrong target. Let me explain. This guy tried to use the "I'm a lifeguard" card to impress me, little did he know that I was once also a lifeguard and lifeguard game only works on non-lifeguards.

I had just gone for a swim and was waiting for the elevator when lifeguard dude came out of the laundry room. He started with "SO... how's the water?" I told him it was chilly, but worth it for a good swim. As we stepped into the elevator together he went on to say he had never been in our building's pool, that's when he pulled the lifeguard card. "You see, I used to be a lifeguard for an apartment building," he chortled as he leaned closer to me. At this point most girls would be impressed and he would have them hook, line and sinker, but as I said before lifeguard game doesn't work on other lifeguards. Instead of the impressed reaction and the "have you ever saved anybody before?" question that most people get when you tell them you're in the guarding business, he got a "oh really? I used to be a lifeguard too. For five years. I worked at two community pools." That shut him up pretty quick. His body language changed and he barely mumbled a goodbye to me as he got off at his floor.

Boys who flirt are funny. They either do it well or very badly, there doesn't seem to be a grey area. The grey falls on the girls they flirt with. Some girls make easy targets for good and bad flirting, they'll swoon at anything. Some girls don't. I'm one of the ones who don't... cause I'm too busy trying hard not to laugh.

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