Friday, February 12, 2010

That's Not My Name!

There are some awkward situations that just borderline on frustrating. When people keep calling you by the wrong name, when they actually know your name, is one of those situations.

I have a coworker that I have been acquainted with for some time now. I knew her before I started working with her, but now that we share the same office space we are in constant contact with each other. I know, for a fact, that she knows my name! I am, surprisingly enough, the only Amanda in my office and since my office is relatively small, everyone knows who I am and what I do. Given all these factors you would think that this lady would never call me by any other name but my own, but a couple of weeks ago she started calling me… Amber.

I was working at my desk the first time it happened. It was near the end of the day and my coworker, before leaving the office said “Good night Amber!” I blinked a couple of times in confusion and then called after her “Amanda!” But she was already out the door.

I decided to let it slide. After all, it was the end of the day, she probably had a lot on her mind and maybe she had just had a slip of the tongue. But then it happened again.

“Have a nice day Amber!”

And then again!

“See you tomorrow Amber!”

Finally, I stopped her on the fourth time and said, in a rather stern tone, “my name…. is Amanda!” My coworker stopped half way out the door and said “what?” She had no idea what I was talking about! I repeated my statement and she responded with “what did I say?” “Amber,” I replied in a rather disgruntled tone. My coworker started laughing and said she had no idea she had been calling me Amber this whole time and she didn’t know what she was thinking! Of course my name was Amanda, she knew it all along. Now when she leaves for the day she says “Good night….” And leaves it at that!

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