Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh money, wherefore art thou money?

Is it just me or does money fly faster out the door these days then normal?

As soon as I get paid I feel like most of my paycheque is already promised to something or other and that I’m left with little to splurge. Here I was thinking that my early 20’s would be about workin’ the job and reaping the benefits for myself before I own a house and have kids that will suck all my coin away from my financial teat. But no, my money, no matter how much I work for it, seems to leave before I can enjoy it. I am inclined to blame my social life for my cash sprouting wings and flying away from me. I don’t live lavishly; I don’t buy a lot of fancy clothes (except for the vintage mink coat that I bought that one time. ONE TIME!), I don’t have a car and I’m not a member of any swanky clubs, but what I do have is a lot of friends who I love to spend time with. Therefore I deduce that my friends and by proxy my family are to blame for my empty wallet. How you might ask? Well, let me break it down.

To everything there is a season. It’s as simple as that.

Last month was the wedding season. I had two weddings to attend (one of which I was in as a bridesmaid) and as you all know marriage costs moola. I get really excited about weddings and love to hear about what the happy couples are planning to do with their new future together. When I hear their plans and see the joy I get caught up in the moment and just want to spend, spend, SPEND! I want to be a part of their happiness in my small way by offering them money and gifts that they can use in their new life. It isn’t until afterwards when I pause to consider my budget that I realize I might have spent too much. But then I always reason the fear away by telling myself that the new couple deserves it and then my budget doesn’t seem so pressing anymore, after all I can always make it up next month, right? WRONG!

This month we have moved from weddings to birthdays! I am celebrating in short concession: my boyfriend Scott, my nearest and dearest friend Mel and then my boyfriend’s father. But a birthday doesn’t come close to a wedding in price, you may be thinking. Not so when you get caught up in the moment like me! I LOVE birthdays and believe that I have to find the perfect gift, no matter what the price, for each friend. And then of course there are the dinners/parties that follow where I always end up going to someplace awesome (because my friends have amazing taste) and purchasing one too many birthday beverages. I’ve already dedicated a chunk of my coming paycheque to birthdays and now I’m wondering what will happen when the groceries run out and the cupboard is bare… call on my old pal Mastercard I guess.

In the midst of all this I have been trying to live frugally. Pack my lunch everyday instead of eating out, borrowing books instead of buying them (which is my greatest addiction) and hunting for the best price possible when I need a new outfit (Wal-Mart is where it’s at people!). When it gets right down to my last dime and I’m scrapping the peanut butter jar clean I can’t help but think that even though I’m not living the high life, I’d rather be spending my money on/with my friends then anybody else. No one deserves it more then them and I’d rather be poor with friends then rich and alone. I would willingly eat stale crackers for a month in order to be able to share a succulent steak with my friend on her birthday or be there for a BFF at their wedding. After all, you can’t take it with you... although, I wish some of it would stick around so I could indulge my fondness for Starbucks more often ;P


  1. While I do agree that spending money on/with friends is a good thing, I think there's also a lot you can do to cut back on spending on friendships. It sounds like the need to spend isn't really from your friends, but from your need to shower those friends with what you consider the best. What I have always appreciated most is your thoughtful gifts, not necessarily the ones you spent tons of money on :) Remember that your companionship is what we want, not for you to neglect your Starbucks addiction! Budget what you CAN spend on friends, and then figure out what the perfect gift would be WITHIN that budget! We don't need to eat at Canoe when we'll have just as good a time at East Side Mario's!

  2. Tori... I do think we need to eat at Canoe... one day! It has been a thing of ours for so long that now I can't imagine eating at Canoe without you.