Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did that dingo in your stroller eat your baby?

In the past week I have seen two, yes TWO, people pushing around animals in baby buggies.

“Wtf?” you might ask. Well, your guess is as good as mine!

My first sighting was on the subway. I noticed this man stroking something in the stroller he had parked in front of him. My first thought was “aww, what an affectionate father! That’s nice to see.” Then I noticed how all the passengers standing around him were sneaking sideways peaks into the stroller. Still not thinking anything was up; my second thought was “wow, that baby must be uber cute to be attracting so much attention!” Finally a seat opened up near the attentive father with the adorable baby and I took my chance to grab it and, in turn, get a glance at the child that had captivated so many others’ attention. I got situated and then casually cast my eyes towards the stroller but my reaction was not one of “aww” instead it was one of “whaaaa?” In place of a giggling bundle of baby there was a bunny. Honest to god, a fucking rabbit. The “attentive father” had lined the stroller with grass and had the bunny set up with a little water dish, a food bowl and some bits of hay for him to nibble on. Now, I often see people with dogs on the subway, and I even sometimes see a cat or two (in a proper crate of course), but I have never seen a bunny rabbit! I couldn’t help but wonder if this guy took his pet bunny with him everywhere and that’s why he had the stroller decked out to the nines with bunny accoutrements or if he was just taking him to the vet and wanted to be comfortable… but why get a full out stroller for a trip to the vet? Why not just get a pet carrier? Clearly this guy was very into his bunny. He rarely stopped stroking it and he every so often proffered it the water dish or another strand of hay. Because of this I am inclined to believe that this (for him) was a normal occurrence, I mean, why would he leave his bunny at home when he can put it in a baby stroller and carry it with him everywhere!

My next sighting was on the street near my house. I saw a woman speaking to her stroller as she pushed it along… again I naively thought “aww, what an attentive mother! That’s nice to see.” Eeeerrrr! Wrong again! As I passed the woman, a head popped out of the stroller to look my way. It was not, as I suspected, the head of an infant, oh no, it was the puffy head of a Pomeranian! It really gave a whole new meaning to the saying “taking the dog for a walk”! The Pomeranian, which seemed in perfectly good health to me, sat prettily in its stroller and surveyed its surroundings while its “mamma” cooed at it from above. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more spoiled animal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my pets and appreciate that they have their own personalities not unlike people, but there’s a line… when you start carrying your bunny around in a decked out stroller you’ve crossed that line. The next time I see an animal in a baby buggy I am going to ask the owner why they choose to cart their pet around in this manner. I’m thinking of opening with “did that dingo in your stroller eat your baby?” with an Aussie accent and all ;P

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