Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have the soul of a penny pinching old lady!

I went out for lunch today. I also went out and saw a movie. Then I bought four boxes of granola bars. It has been an awesome day! Why? Because my lunch was free! My movie was free! And the granola bars were on sale!

Nothing makes me happier then saving a buck.

I make enough money to support my partner and I, so why is pinching every penny necessary? BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY! Happy to the point of ridiculousness. When I get coupons in the mail it's better then christmas. When I walk into a store and see sale signs posted on things my eyes light up and I practically skip down the aisle throwing stuff in my basket.

Today was an especially good day for saving money. My friend Ashley works in a restaurant and she pulled my business card (strategically placed there of course) out of a draw for a free lunch. The lunch was so big though that I had enough for dinner as well! My friend Mel works for a movie theater head office and she gets free passes, so she took me to see a film. Through friendly connections I had my meals and entertainment taken care of for the day. Thank you ladies!

On my way home from the movie theater I popped into Shoppers Drug Mart where, lo and behold, granola bars and bread were on sale for $1.99! GLEE! I giggled with mirth as I stocked up on Nature Valley bars... people were looking at me. I had one couple stare at me and then exchange "knowing" looks. I caught two women watching me as well, they laughed and whispered behind their hands. I didn't care that they were staring, although I was curious to know what they were saying about me. Even the cashier looked at me funny! You would think during this time of "recession" that people carrying armloads of granola bars and cheap bread would NOT be stared at, but congratulated for their thrifty efforts! I, however, was being judged and I could feel it. I wanted to turn to these people and say "you don't understand! I'm not poor! I make a good living...I just... I love getting a chance to save money! Is that so hard to understand?" I wanted to point out to them that I was wearing a three-hundred dollar coat, two-hundred dollar boots and an even more expensive brooch. I wanted to prove to them I was their equal and that saving money was something I took joy from. But as the cashier handed me my receipt and I noticed that I could redeem ten dollars in Shoppers points on my next visit all thoughts of judgement and proving myself vanished! Who cares what other people think? I've got ten dollars worth of Shoppers points weeeeee!

My name is Amanda Jerome and I like to save money!

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