Friday, January 8, 2010

... When Suddenly They Broke into Song.

I just came home from a party where I had a "in the movies" experience.

The party started out typically, everyone was just chilling, clinking drinks and talking about the random stuff that can only be brought up when you converse with strangers at a mutual friend's house, when IT happened. Someone was acting as a DJ with the Youtube clips when they came across a song.... a song I had never heard of before, but apparently every boy in the room had. When Wonder Boy by Tenacious D came on every man in the room burst into song! It was like something straight out of a musical! They all knew the words and sang, miraculously, in tune. There was air guitars being played and dance moves invented! This was like Rent meets Jersey Boys and it was happening right in front of me in real time. No rehearsals. No scripts. Just pure male bonding over this apparent anthem.

After the song was over, the men dispersed and the singing ended, just as suddenly as it had started it stopped... but I wanted more! I sometimes wish that life were like a musical. That at a moments notice we could all burst into song, knowing the words and dancing in proper formation... that's what pretty much happened tonight with the playing of Wonder Boy. Looks like my wish for a real life musical came true! I hope it happens at the next party.

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  1. you should have visited me in london. that is what our parties were like! except the air guitars were real guitars. i really miss it.